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Saxophonist / Composer / Performer / Public Speaker / Painter
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THE SERGE LE GOUEFF QUINTET ALBUM "French Kissing" is finding its place next to the 2019 album "What Matters"!!!



Wow! You made me cry, you made me laugh. Thank you!

Superb performance. Simply magnificent, very entertaining. Great to take this journey. Body and Soul supreme.

Simply the best. Package your performance and take it to the world. Outstanding show of the Festival!

Bravo! Absolutely beyond comparison. What a treat and a blessing to hear you.

Absolutely beautiful show. We need more saxophone. Thank you Serge.

You brought back my love affair with my sax. I've not held it in years and now I'm about to go home and play!

That was absolutely enthralling! Entertaining and witty, Serge is a master of his craft! Fantastic show!

A fantastic musician and a very funny act.

Excellent show - Informative, interesting, entertaining and most of all, inspiring.

What a great show!! It was a lot of fun.

Amazing!!! Thank you so much. Huge fun and so informative too.

Wonderful experience. Fabulous and heart warming performance.

Such a talent!

Great fun. Loved the laughs. Thanks for sharing your passion.

Wonderful experience for the whole family. Educational and entertaining. We want more!


A great show!

We had Serge perform his Saxophone Journey last night in the Ferguson Valley. It really was a stupendous show and anyone would love it. Classy and stylish and professional.

Went to Margaret River to see the show, worth every kilometre from Perth and back. Serge is entertaining, witty, funny, engaging and authentic. Top this with his polished playing makes for an extremely entertaining night as he takes his audience on an informative and enterntaining journey on one of the most beautiful instruments ever conceived. The "Sax Journey" is a must, hear and see shows, highly recommended. Wishing you every success Serge.

What a great show. I took my family of 5 - non musical husband and 3 musical children. They all loved it - the man and the music. So great to see a true performer who makes every effort to engage his audience. We feel so lucky to have been there.

Great show last night at The Weld Theatre in Busselton, engaging, informative, with humour and soul you’re right Serge, there’s so much Sax in our lives, we just have to listen.

Loved every minute of this fabulous show by Serge. A true pro

I saw Serge perform this show for the very first time at the South-West Jazz by The Bay Festival and it was honestly the most engaging and entertaining show that I have ever seen. Interesting, inspirational and just down-right saxy!!

Serge's show was amazing! Not only is he a saxophonist but also a teacher,a comedian and ...... oh so much more. Thoroughly recommended.

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